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Deer Creek
This is a mountain pass the connects Lee Canyon to Kyle Canyon. It is a very scenic drive. Along the way you can stop and see Deer Creek. The day camp ground is right along the babbling brook, and is quite tranquil. There are short trails that lead into the woods, where you can see fox, chipmunks and deer. Remember these animals are wild, and for your own safety, do not approach or feed these animals. Another stop along the way is a lookout. This is where observers would gather in numbers to watch above ground nuclear bomb testing at the Nevada Test Site in the late 1940ís and 50ís at Mercury, some 90 miles away. There is no longer any testing of this kind, but the view is a spectacular panorama of the vast desert and mountains. You can literally see for over a hundred miles on a clear day. You will find this pass covered with several different types of pine trees, including the Bristlecone Pine.

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Deer Creek

There are two ways to get Deer Creek. Take US-95 north to either Nevada route 157 or 156 west (left) to Mt Charleston. Head west until you come up to Nevada route 158. This is Dear Creek Road. It is also known as Angel's Pass.

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