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So you have driven up and down the Las Vegas Blvd., you are bored stiff and say to yourself, “What do the people who live here do for fun?”  Well we certainly don't visit the strip on a regular basis that is for sure.  There is lots to do around Las Vegas, and most of it does not include gambling. This portion of the web site is devoted to Vegas points of interest. Not just in Las Vegas, but neighboring areas.

While traveling around the Las Vegas area, you might want to consider the outer reaches of the region. the regions of Arizona, southern Nevada, southern Utah and the high and low deserts of California, have beautiful contrast with sand dunes and steep granite peak, or meteor craters and limestone caverns, or desert hot springs and cascading waterfalls. Many people overlook this area, but once you really take a look inside this region you may never want to leave.

This section is divided into eight chapters, so you can inspect them by area. If you should ever get lost at this site, you can always click to AFTER YOU STRIP in the contents on your left in any chapter. This will take you to the Table of Contents for this section. Not all of the interesting places are in these chapters.  But many of the fun places that are easily accessible are. The depth of your trip will depend on how adventurous you are.

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Las Vegas and Vicinity
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Not only are there geological wonders to see in this National Park, but there are many points of interest that might spark your curiosity. This chapter includes:
This mountain range make up the western boundary of the Las Vegas Valley.  It is truly unique, because the land ranges from a very arid desert to alpine vegetation and climate.  Almost around every corner you can find something interesting, like a real oasis, of how about an aspen grove. All this is only 15 minutes to 45 minutes from Las Vegas itself!  This chapter includes:
The Lake Mead region is just east of Las Vegas. Not only is there water recreation, but there are several historical, anthropological and geological features in the that may appeal to your senses. Even the drive around Lake Mead is spectacular. This chapter includes:
This vast high desert stretches from just north of Los Angeles all the way to the Nevada boarder.  It not only contains the usual desert flora and fauna, but also many other rare and unusual sights and interesting towns.  This chapter contains:
The city of Las Vegas does exists beyond the Strip or Downtown, and there is a ton of things to do including culture. Yes Las Vegas has Museums and Arts. This chapter contains: [back]
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