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Nevada Nuclear Test Site
From 1951 until 1992, this area was used by the US government to test nuclear explosions. One hundred of those explosions were conducted above ground before 1963, and 829 were detonated underground until 1992. This place is over 1,250 square miles. Not only nuclear testing was done here, but other type of explosions were conducted as well. In 1992, all nuclear detonations stopped, because the Soviet Union was no longer a threat, and the government looked at this area for other uses. Now it's a place where the nation wishes to store all nuclear waste and other hazardous materials. After over 40 years of nuclear power in this nation, the government figured out that highly radioactive nuclear waste, that has a half life on 50,000+ years, needs to be stored someplace. So why not put it in the backyard of the fastest growing metropolitan area in the USA. Test are currently underway to use the Nevada Test Site as a temporary storage facility for the nations nuclear and hazardous waste. There is also a plan to have the Nevada Nuclear Test Site as the permenant home for such waste. You might say, "Well, it isn't my problem". It might be though, because it will be traveling via rail and truck through a neighborhood near you.

Hey! Did you know that the Test Site is also a tourist attraction! Yes, that is right. If you contact the Nevada Test Site center in Las Vegas, you too could glow green in the darkest...Uh, I mean, can visit this wonderful part of American history. Who goes to the nuclear Mecca? Maybe, it is those strange people that have those bumper sticker saying "Nuclear Power is Good For You".

It is weird traveling to this area by day, because there are so few buildings visable in the near by town of Mercury. However at night, the area is covered in light or is it just glowing.

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Nevada Nuclear Test Site

Take I-15 north to US-95 north to the Mercury exit. Remember you need permission to visit this place, so contact the Nevada Test Site Visitor Center in City of Las Vegas and also in Beatty.

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