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Lee Canyon
This canyon is less traveled than Kyle Canyon, and is a bit less developed. There are hiking trails, but they are not as well marked as those in Kyle Canyon. With far less traffic in the spring summer and fall. This is as close to alpine wilderness as you are going to get in the Las Vegas area, unless you are a big horn sheep. There are meadows where you can picnic and day camp. There are organized campsites as well. Here you can lie in a meadow and listen to the wind whistle through the pines, watch the clouds roll by or walk for miles and not run into a soul, unless you wonder onto the Las Vegas Ski and Snow board Resort.

From about Thanksgiving to Easter, the Las Vegas Ski and Snow board Resort (LVSSR) cooks up some hot slopes. There is something for everyone here. Ski school, challenging runs and even a special snow board park. Its not big, but it is fun and never crowed. It is also the closest snow skiing to Las Vegas. The trip from downtown to the slopes is just under an hour, depending on the weather conditions on the mountain. So when you are ready, get them boots on and wax up that stick or board.
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Getting There-
Las Vegas to Lee Canyon

Take US-95 north to Nevada route 156 west (left) to Mt Charleston and Lee Canyon. You will see the meadow on your right shortly afteryou pass N-158. LVSSR is at the end of the road. Any number of camp sites are marked along the way.

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