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Rogers Spring
There are several natural springs in the area of Lake Mead. Rogers Spring is one of the more well known ones, because of its relative close proximity to the road. It is a hot springs, which is caused by geothermal activity deep within the ground at the base of the hills. This super heated water comes up and then forms several pools within the area of Rogers Spring. As you look in the pool, you can actually see small fish that live in this very warm water. The springs are a bit primitive. There is a small picnic area for you and your guests. You can bathe, however it is recommended that you don't. Several microbes that thrive in the warm temperatures of the water of the springs can also thrive within the warm temperature of your body. This could be potentially dangerous.

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Rogers Spring

Take Lake Mead Blvd (Nevada Route 147) east to North Lake Mead Drive north (Nevada route 167). Left at intersection where road ends. Continue up N-167 north past Callville Bay and Echo Bay. Turn left at Roger Spring.

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