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Lake Mead
This is the lake behind Hoover Dam. It is the world's largest artificial body of water, when you consider volume. You can rent a houseboat, fish, water ski, jet ski, take a cruise. All kinds of stuff. It is very picturesque. There is a road that takes you all around the Nevada side of the lake. There are several bays and landings that you can gain access to the lake. Some are: Boulder Beach, Hemingway Harbor, Vegas Wash, Callville Bay, Overton Beach, and Echo Bay. You can take a paddle wheel boat from Vegas Wash and the boat will take you up to the back side of Hoover Dam. Echo Bay features a hotel, restaurant and a place to feed the fish. Feeding the fish may sound boring, but if you want to see what a feeding frenzy is all about, stop at the store, buy a bag of popcorn and feed the carp. Scary!

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Lake Mead

There are several ways to get to Lake Mead. Taking US-93 south you can approach the lake from the southern side. Turn left at the Bible Interpretive Center. Bible is a persons name. Taking Lake Mead Blvd or Lake Mead Dr east to get to the eastern Lake road. This will get you to all the harbors and beaches on the western side of the lake. You can take I-15 north and exit to any of the Lake Mead exits to reach the Virgin River finger of the lake.

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