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Colorado River
Colorado River near Nelson's landingThe Colorado River Runs from the spring in the Rockies of Colorado, through parts Utah, the Grand Canyon of Arizona, then along border of Nevada, Arizona, and California, and on to Mexico and into the Gulf of California. Most of this river was wild and using it as a resource was very unpredictable. The U.S. government decided that the best was to turn this into a resource was to dam it up in several places so that the river could provide both water and Power on a regular basis to the southwest.

The lakes that form the along the Colorado River are Lake Havasu, Lake Mohave, Lake Mead and Lake Powell. The river stretch that runs between Lake Mead and Lake Mohave is a real fun place. You can rent canoes and row from below Hoover Dam and continue until you reach the mouth of Lake Mohave. Along this route you come across many things like petroglyphs, sauna caves, and hot springs.

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Colorado River

There are several ways to get to the Colorado River. Take US-93/95 south. If you wish to go on the western bank of the Colorado River, take US-95 south to any number of exits to the river. There is the exit at Nelson, Cottonwood Cove, Christmas Tree Pass and Laughlin.

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