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Lake Panguitch
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The name Panguich is a Paiute Indian name for “Big Fish”, so hope you are ready. The area was founded in the later part of the nineteenth century by Mormon settlers, who were attracted to the area for the fresh water and the fish. They quickly realized that the land was very fertile, so ranching and dairy farming became a popular venture for the early pioneers. The settlers built a crude dam from selling butter, cheese and trout to the nearby miners and eventually built a nice area for recreation. This included a huge dance hall and a horse racetrack complete with grandstands.

Today Panguich Lake is a very tranquil lake found in the Dixie National Forest. The dance hall and racetrack are gone. The old crude dam was replaced with a modern concrete one. The boomtown is no more. This is peace and quiet. It is centrally located between Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park and Cedar Breaks National Monument. The lake contains native mountain trout that are ready to bite if you are into fishing. This is a very relaxing area and there is not much in the way of fast paced fun. So leave your pager and your cell phone in the car if you come up here. Having them at you side sort of defeats the purpose.

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Lake Panguitch

For year round access to the lake, take I-15 north to state route-9. Head east through Zion and then take route US-89 north (left) into the city of Panguitch. Take state route-143 southwest to the lake.

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