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Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock National Conservation Area is a geologic wonderland, and a sportsman's paradise. There is a 13 mile scenic loop and a visitors center that will show you all around the region. Red Rock gets its name from the red sandstone outcroppings that lies on the desert floor. These outcroppings are the eroded remains of ancient sand dunes that once covered the Las Vegas Valley. There are actually three colors of rocks that dominate this region. The red is from iron minerals, the purple is from manganese and the white is an absence of any mineral. This banding of color is quite beautiful in this land form. There are recreational trails around this area, and if you are brave and have a talent for rock climbing, this is some of the world's best. Rock climbers from all over cast their hands and feet into the cliff faces. Watching these climbers can be just as dramatic. If you are looking to do something a little more tame, try hiking to some of the natural springs or to the base of Oak Creek. You may even be lucky to see a torrent of a waterfall flowing out of a big boulder at the base of Lost Creek.
Panorama of Red Rock Canyon. anivr.gif - 14678 Bytes

Panorama of a waterfall at Red Rock. anivr.gif - 14678 Bytes

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon

Take Charleston Blvd west. Charleston Blvd turns into Nevada route 159 and that will take you to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Turn Right at the sign leading to Red Rock.

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