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Groom Lake/Area 51
This picture is a hoaxOut in the middle of the desert is a dry lake by the name of Groom. We don't know if there is a Bride Lake. On this dry lake isn't an installation named Area 51. This place does not exist. It never has. Because of it's nonexistence, the government is purchasing several thousand acres around the nonexistent secret government installation so ordinary folks can not see what isn't there, and why several former nonexistent employees of this nonexistent base tried to sue the government over health related issues over the nonexistent place.

What doesn't happen there? Well, many believe that alien spaceships recovered by the government are housed there and that the government is trying to understand the technology of these crafts, as portrayed in the movie Independence Day. Others feel that it is a super secret Air Force Base that tests new and different aircraft that may be used in the future. If you talk to the residents of nearby Rachel, they will tell you any story you might want to hear, but then again they live for that. Actually, if they are in a serious mood they will tell you that they have seen strange lights over the area of Groom Lake and Area 51.

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Groom Lake/Area 51

How not to get there is to take I-15 north to US-93 north. Take US-93 to Nevada route 375 (Extraterestrial Highway. Yes, that is it's name!) west to Rachel. After that you are on your own. It doesn't exist, so why do you want to know how to get there?

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