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Bonnie Springs
This attraction has plenty of shade. That is a good thing when it is hot. Bonnie Springs is free to the public. There is a bar, hotel, restaurant, train rides, riding stables and even a petting zoo. They have a bunch of mammals and birds. Hey no snakes! you can feed the deer and llamas. There is even a pond with all kinds of water foul. The wild west town has shops and a melodrama is performed at regular intervals. There is an admission charge to the wild west town, but it is nominal, and after putting a bunch of money in the slot machines, at least you are getting something for your money here. While in the restaurant, place your business card on the wall or staple a dollar to the ceiling.

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Bonnie Springs

Take Charleston Blvd west. Charleston Blvd turns into Nevada route 159. Follow N-159 around. You will pass the enterance to Red Rock Canyon, the enterance to Spring Mountian Ranch. Turn right at the enterance road to Bonnie Springs. Follow the road to the parking lot.

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