Desert Warning 
WARNING!Remember when traveling in the area that the climate plays an important role in your activities. The temperature may reach over 120º F and also dip way below freezing. Plan your trip carefully and contact someone before venturing out into this wilderness, just in case something happens. Before you plan on going into this contrasting regions, heed these precautions:
  • TALK TO RANGERS before you head out on any hiking trails or roads. They know the conditions. Also let them know that you are traveling in that area, just in case something happens.
  • HAVE LOTS OF DRINKING WATER in your car. Approximately 5 gallons per person. Try to use plastic rather than metal containers. Metal is heavy and heats water quickly.
  • AVOID SUN AND HEAT EXPOSURE, because it can cause sunburn and heat stroke. You can die from that!
  • KEEP AWAY FROM ABANDONED MINES. They are old and have very weak shoring. They are tempting, but collapse very easily.
  • STICK TO THE HIGH GROUND, if the weather becomes cloudy. Flash floods are not uncommon in the desert. They tend to come up without warning and can travel long distances. If you are in a wash, gully or waddy and it looks like inclement weather is near by, head to the higher ground.
  • MIND YOUR AUTOMOBILE. Check the fluid levels, not only that you have enough, but that they are not overheating. This includes your tires. Soft tires heat up and can lead to potentially hazardous blowouts.
  • CARRY A COMMUNICATION DEVICE. An inexpensive CB radio or a cellular telephone can save your life if injured or stranded.
  • STAY WITH YOUR CAR. If your car should happen to break down, stay with it! Don't go wandering into the desert in the heat of day trying to find help, help will probably will find you. use the shade of the car to keep cool. 
  • SENDING SIGNALS. One way to create a signaling device is to take your spare tire or your if your tire is flat, your flat tire. Place the tire in a area clear of farmable debris. deflate the tire if it needs to be deflated and ignite the tire. This will produce a black smoke that can be seen from very far away. The less the wind the better the signal.
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