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Ubehebe Crater
So you think that Mt. St Hellens was a big eruption, read on. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 to 10,000 years ago Ubehebe volcano blew her stack. So violent was this eruption that the entire volcano is missing. What is left is a little hill with a very big hole. The top of the crater is nearly a half a mile across and is about 800 feet deep. You can get a glimpse of the different strata as you hike along the side of the crater. And you sure will be surprised when you see the crater itself.  There is plenty to see an do here.  Several trails lead to all parts of the crater including a rim walk and a hike to the bottom of the crater.  There is no water at this location, so be sure to bring plenty along as you travel.  The hike to the crater floor is a bit steep and you do get mighty thirsty

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Ubehebe Crater

Take I-15 north to US-95 north to Nevada-267 west (left at Scotty's Junction). Follow signs to Death Valley National Park (past Scotty's Castle). Follow signs to Ubehebe Crater.

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