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Cathedral Canyon
This place is between Las Vegas and Tecopa. It is a mud wash about a half a mile long that is decorated with famous quotes, stained glass, waterfall, pictures and statuary. There is a suspension bridge that spans the width, it is lighted and has had piped in music. It started as a tribute by one man named Rolland Wiley to his daughter. She passed away at an early age. This was his way to cope with her death. Rolland put over one million dollars into this beautiful monument, dedicated to peace and harmony among all of God's creatures. Rolland died in 1994. He was in his 90ís and a very wonderful man. Mike and Rick were his friends. The area is in dire need of refurbishing, but is still beautiful. It is amazing how one man could build this place out the love of his daughter. If you are interested in helping restore this monument, contact us by E-mail. Unfortunately, vandals have destroyed most of it in the early summer of 1999 and now it is closed.

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Cathedral Canyon

Head south on I-15 until you reach State Route 160 then travel west. You will drive through the desert and pass by the southern portion of the Red Rock National Monument. Continuing up the mountain side you will pass Mt. Potosi on your left. This is the mountain that Carol Lombard's chartered plane crashed and where she died.  You will descend into a different desert valley. This is the Parhump Valley. A sign will appear that says Tecopa. This is where you will turn left (south).  Traveling south you will see the entrance sign to Hidden Hills Ranch, the home of Cathedral Canyon on your right.

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