This is one our favorite things to do when we are bored.  Not exactly roller coasters, but thrill rides in general and theme parks more specifically. One of Ziggy's hobbies is to design theme parks and themed attractions.  He doesn't have the engineering background, but does have an unusual imagination.

Yes, there are hundreds of other coasters and thrill rides around this wonderful world, and we would like to share them with other visitors to this site.  If you have a favorite thrill ride, let us know about it and why you like it. If you have a picture of your favorite thrill ride, we would love to post it as well. Submit your entry to

A tip to riding roller coasters, If you like the thrill of the ride, sit in the back of the coaster.  Sitting in the front is really boring. And you can see where you are going, whether you sit in the back or the front.  When you sit in the back you whip over the hills and get that weightless feeling. That's the fun part. Here is a list of the thrill rides of Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

updated February 22, 2004

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