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Spring Mountain Range
Located directly behind Red Rock Canyon is the Spring Mountain Range. These mountains were created by the Keystone Thrust Fault. This fault make for a dramatic landscape and is a classic example of a "basin and range" geomorphology. This thrust fault created several peaks and deep canyons, which are available to explore. The exposed cliff are full of color and rock types. There are red and purple sandstone and gray limestone. The canyons offer natural springs and several streams and waterfalls. The best time to get the pictures and catch the dramatic colors is in the early morning, right after sunrise.

Marked hiking trails will take you up to the cliff faces and some trails will even lead you up to the top of the 3,000 foot cliffs. Many of the hikes are long and difficult, but many others are level and there is a lot to see. From the car the desert looks very barren, but whenyou walk along some of there trails, you can really see the beautty of the desert and all it has to offer. The desert flora, is spectacular at any time of the year. While hiking, if you look carefully you might be able to spot a big-horn sheep or two in the cliffs and on the valley floor, you are bound to find a few burros. By the way, as cute as the burros are, DONíT FEED THEM. These are still wild animals and feeding them only makes them dependent on tourists.

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Spring Mountain Range

Take Charleston Blvd west. Charleston Blvd turns into Nevada route 159 and that will take you to the Spring Mountain Range. There are several places to park around the area, and launch your hike to head for the hills.

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