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Spring Mountains Ranch
This cattle ranch, now a state park nestled in the middle of the fault zone valley, was once owned by Howard Hughes. The house and ranch was also the home of an early screen actress by the name of Vera Krupp. She had a secret passageway between her room and a guest room. Officially it was built so she could polish rocks. But why would she build it between the two rooms? Some suspect she built the passage for entertainment reasons. The park still has cattle and there is a tour of the main house. The park has an amphitheater and is host to a summer outdoor theater festival. During the festival, bring a blanket, a lawn chair, your own food and drink and enjoy.

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Spring Mountains Ranch

Take Charleston Blvd west. Charleston Blvd turns into Nevada route 159. You will pass the entrance and exit of Red Rock Canyon, and the road will curve south. The entrance is on your right.

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