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While traveling I-15 you may have seen the weird road side saying “Zzyzzx Road” and thought to yourself, ‘Is this for real?’ Well, yes it is! How did the place get its name? Beats me! If you find out let us know. The natural springs in the area brought about many people, at many times in this arid region. And like many who exploited the situation in the early part of the 20th century, there was even a religious fanatic doctor and his wife that opened a popular health resort that tried to make the place a Shangri-La in the Mojave Desert in the early 40's. Well it wasn’t popular and it wasn’t Shangri-La, it didn’t really take off. Even the Doctor and his wife were busted for quackery and tax evasion, but it is an interesting place to visit. It is now operated by the National Park service and the California State University regents. It is primarily used as an educational facility for both desert research and geology.

Getting There-
Las Vegas to Zzyzzx

Take I-15 south to Zzyzzx Rd exit (just after you pass Baker). Travel south on Zzyzzx Rd which is over the overpass and onto the gravel road. Head approximately. 5 miles and there you are. Please park in the parking lot and stay on all roads.

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