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The Racetrack
This is a dry lake bed that is the shape of an oval, looking very much like a racetrack. There is a odd outcropping that is next to the lake bed that is called “The Grandstands”. If you go there in the early morning or near dusk you can see a very strange sight. The rocks on the lake leave a footprint. Yes, these rocks seem to walk across the desert floor leaving a wake in the dried mud of their path. These strange tracks of curved, straight and odd angled lines on the lake bed are probably caused the rocks being pushed across the lake bed when the weather is icy or wet and is accompanied by a strong wind.

Getting There-
Las Vegas to The Racetrack

Take I-15 north to US-95 north to Nevada-267 west (left at Scotty's Junction). Follow signs to Death Valley National Park (past Scotty's Castle). Follow signs to Ubehebe Crater. Before you get to the crater site, you will see a sign leading you to The Racetrack. This gravel road seems a lot longer than it is and there are no services in this area, so be sure you bring plenty of provisions.

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